Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Just Bought - Colorful Plaques and Plates!

Yesterday was a good day for deliveries! I ordered these adorable fiesta-inspired mini plates from H&M Home (my new favorite online home decor stop) and they just arrived!

At only 3.5" square, I assumed they'd be melamine (which I really don't like), but I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be porcelain. They'll work nicely for my upcoming Fiesta themed Housewarming party, but also as key dishes or candle holders. I could even use them in the kitchen, for cheese or berries, since they're food and dishwasher safe!

I also received two plaques that I ordered from Shabby Sign Shoppe. And I love them! All her offerings can be completely customized and I'm really happy with the colors I chose and the end results. The first is approximately 20" x 8" and reads "Scientia Est Potentia" which translates to "Knowledge Is Power." I plan on hanging this in the hallway, above the office door, and I love the personal meaning in it. My grandpa was an incredibly smart and well-rounded man - he was a renaissance man who knew something about everything. I like this little homage to him. 

Ahh, Italiano. How I miss the sounds of Italy. I was only there for ten days, but I swear it changed my soul. Since I don't have any plans to get back there in the next few years, I've had to settle for Italian lessons on my iPad, and Dean Martin songs. But this beauty takes me right back to a piazza in Sienna, drinking wine on a warm day. "La Dolce Far Niente" means "The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing," a concept the Italians have down pat. I think I'll put this beauty above the back door, to remind myself to go outside and enjoy that glass of wine on the patio. 

Have you picked up any fantastic purchases lately? Do share!

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