Tuesday, April 22, 2014


this was taken in Italy - that's why I look so happy.

Hi there! I'm Katie and I live in Southern California, 3 miles from the beach and 5 miles from LAX. My grandparents bought a house in this neighborhood in 1959 and lived here for over 50 years. My parents bought a house down the street from them and raised my sister and I here. 

When my grandfather passed away in early 2014, my family and I decided that I should move in to his house. So, here I am - renovating and decorating a house that hasn't been touched since 1955. 

I have a great team helping me out with the big stuff - electricians, roofers, plumbers, and contractors. But I also dream of putting my own DIY stamp on this place. I'm kind of a newbie at DIY, but I'm confident I'll get better the more I practice! With the help of my trusty sister, Larissa (the handy one), we can figure anything out. 

Larissa and I in Las Vegas

In this 1100 square foot house, I am joined by my two trusty mews, Oliver and Crash. My best friend Jon will be staying with me for a few months, so he's my sort-of roommate - which is poetic, since I lived with him after he bought his first house. Now he's my tenant!

Oliver and Crash

This blog is where I will document my 1955 ranch's transformation, plus ongoing projects, fun decor finds, garden ideas, and anything else I think you might find interesting. Like how I plan on adding a dog to my current household. And how I'm also thinking of adding a chicken coop to my new backyard - what an adventure that will be! I hope you will stick around and enjoy this adventure with me. 

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  1. I am super excited about this! I'd like to be doing something similar.

  2. ok i just found your blog on home talk so i am starting from the beginning lucky you xx


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