Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Linda

In Grandpa's papers, we found the original brochure for the neighborhood. It was so fun to see the original cost ($13,900), and the terms ("Veterans need only to earn $2.17/hour to qualify"). But the best part was finding out that all the styles in the tract are named after the cutest 50's girls' names. The Judy, Donna, Lorraine, and my house, the Linda. This is what I'm calling her now, by the way. She's the Linda.

We did make some changes to the layout: we removed the dividing wall between the living room and the kitchen, and we pulled the half bath wall out into the laundry area, making room for a shower. The laundry has now been relocated to the garage. We removed the side door that was in the laundry room and took out the wall that used to be next to where the fridge used to be. We also extended the porch along the front of the house, because I'm secretly Southern and I dream of a big porch. We removed the middle window in the kitchen, because that was the only place I could put the fridge. Sounds complicated, but all other walls stayed the same. Oh, and the garage is actually attached because long ago, my grandpa put a door in bedroom no. 2.

Next up, I want to make a yard plan so you can see what we're working with landscape-wise.

I'm thinking of framing this floorplan and putting it up in the house somewhere, maybe the entryway? It would be a cute conversation starter, yes?


  1. I love the idea of framing the floorplan!! Cute and cannot wait to see what you are doing to renovate :)

  2. gosh i almost wish i was you....yes that definetly needs to be framed what a score xx


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