Monday, June 30, 2014

Tea - Stained American Flag Buntings For July Fourth!

Over the weekend, I added some much-needed seasonal decor to my front yard. My porch railing is visible from the street and is really one of the first things you notice when you see my home. This quick (5 minute), easy (hammer and 12 nails), and colorful update made a huge difference!

This was my front porch railing - colorful, fun, and plant-y. But there's not a lot of oomph.

So, I added tea-stained flag buntings that I actually bought 4 months ago when I saw a great sale online. I got mine here, but they are no longer available. Note: there are a lot of different price points for items like this, but I paid about $5 per piece.

It was so easy; I just grabbed my handy-dandy hammer (that Grandpa gave me for Christmas almost 20 years ago) and added some nails to the railing. My buntings came with grommets already sewn in.

I think it makes a big difference in how my house looks, especially as you're coming up the walk (this view below). It's more inviting and summery. Now, I just need to add the chairs back to the porch (they're in the backyard for a party). 

What are your easy 4th of July decorating ideas?

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